At Club level, members discuss media articles, statistics, reports from local and overseas sources, and information from Zonta International,  relating to women and  girls and the state of their health, educational, professional, economic and legal rights.

The Zonta Club of Sydney Breakfast supports a number of local advocacy and service projects to empower and elevate women and girls.


Guest Speakers

Our Club welcomes guest speakers who are subject matter experts in economic safety for women, women’s rights and support services for women.

Indigenous Initiative

Through our indigenous award and engineering and IT award, ZCSB supports  women and girls in their studies. Some women are studying in non traditional areas and are often the only female in class. They are role models and creating new ways for educational institutions to see female students completing these subjects.

Political Advocacy

Personal advocacy –  some ZCSB members have written to, or met with, their local MP on issues relating to women.  While members are encouraged and expected to raise their concerns, they are advised that letters must only be sent in a private capacity.


Breast Care Cushions

Through the production of Breast Care cushions, ZCSB members support women’s recovery and wellbeing after surgery resulting in a mastectomy or lumpectomy. Since 2019 the ZCSB has received a grant from the St Vincent’s Hospital Foundation which funds the production of approximately 350 cushions per year.

These cushions provide physical and emotional support to individuals who have had surgery for breast cancer. Cushion production provides opportunity for both hands-on sewing, stuffing, packaging as well as a social get-together. There is an ongoing need to fundraise for the purchase of materials. 

Lou’s Place – A Safe Place for Women

Through financial donations, hygiene dignity packs and clothing, ZCSB members support Lou’s Place, Kings Cross.  Lou’s Place is a community-based daytime refuge for women in crisis.  Lou’s Place runs the Miranda Program, which supports women 18 years and over who are at risk of family or domestic violence and criminal justice system involvement.  The program also provides support to women in the community, who are going to court for bail or sentencing, women on parole and women nearing their release date.

Birthing Kits

Through the production of Birthing Kits, ZCSB members support women’s access to a clean, safe birth and the health of the newborn baby. The recipients are in humanitarian crisis and under-resourced settings throughout the world.

Birthing Kits address the seven “cleans” needed for a safe delivery. Each year the club holds or participates in at least one birthing kit assembly day. The frequency and number of kits depends on funds raised through donations and fundraising events. $5 will pay for one kit to be assembled and delivered to a woman needing a basic hygienic birthing environment. 

International Projects

ZCSB sends funds to Zonta International each year to support the funding of our International Service Projects which focus on  self help programs for women and  girls across the globe. You can find out more here.

Zonta Says NO to Violence Against Women